Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Colorful Print Tops Travel Wardrobe

From Freepik

Inspired by the colorful Dalmatian painting I featured last week, I decided to go bright with this week's travel wardrobe.  I also chose to include only print tops, as I get tired of solid colors all the time and love to add interest with multi-hued shirts, especially for mild-weather wardrobes where scarves may be too warm to include.  Images of patterned shirts can be hard to find, but I discovered a plethora of prints on the Peter Hahn website.  I became so obsessed with this site that I decided to choose all of my wardrobe options there.  Here is the bight and colorful travel wardrobe I put together, starting with the outfit to wear in transit to some delightful vacation destination:

Clockwise from top left: Zaida 1/2-Length Sleeve Round-Neck Top in White/Yellow/Green; Peter Hahn Necklace in Natural; Fluffy Ears Cashmere Cardigan in Green; Aigner "Ivy" Bag in Off-White; Sioux Moccasins in White; Brax Feel Good Ankle Length "Slim Fit" Jeans in Pastel Yellow; Peter Hahn Belt in White.

The wardrobe to pack includes even more lovely patterns (mostly floral) and colors:

Clockwise from top left: Peter Hahn Cashmere Cardigan in Vanilla; Roeckl Silk Scarf "Lace Flowers"; Peter Hahn Round Neck Top in Ecru/Multi-Coloured; Brax Feel Good Design NICOLA "Feminine Fit" Jeans in Bleached Denim; Peter Hahn Short-Sleeved Round Neck Top; Scarpio Slip-On Shoes; Zaida 1/2-Length Sleeve Round Neck Top in White/Red; Canyon Capri Trousers in White; Peter Hahn Belt in Ecru/Multi-Coloured; Bogner Round Neck Top; Center top: L. Credi Bag in White; Center bottom: Peter Hahn 3/4-Length Sleeve Blouse Top


Don't you think this colorful wardrobe calls for a warm and sunny tourist destination, whether coastal, southwestern, or even Mediterranean?

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