Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe: Chocolate, Honey, and Apple Fall 4x4 Wardrobe

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I am finally starting to feel that fall is on the way, more because the days are getting shorter than because it is all that much cooler, but I have to admit that at least the mornings are starting to feel more comfortable.  Fall is my favorite season, and autumnal colors are favorites as well.  Now that those hues are beginning to show up in seasonal clothing, I think it is time to put together a 4x4 wardrobe for cooler weather.  I am really liking the colors of Coldwater Creek fall apparel, especially their brown, amber/honey, and dover red (similar to barn red, with just a hint of brown) selections, so I went with that color scheme.  L.L. Bean also has some good colors for fall, so between these two sources I was able to find a great selection for this wardrobe.

Chocolate, honey, and apple colors for fall!

The first set of four:

Clockwise from top left: Silk/Cotton Mockneck in Brown; Northcountry Flannel Shirt in Honey; PrimaKnit Turtleneck in Dover Red; The Creek Straight-Leg Jeans in Honey.

The second set of four:

Clockwise from top left: PrimaKnit Crewneck Tee in Dover Red; Colorwashed Fleece Pullover in Amber; Drape-Front Cardigan in Dover Red; Pinwale Stretch Corduroys in Brown.

The third set of four:

Clockwise from top left: Mixed-Stitch Dolman Sweater in Amber; Silk/Cotton Mockneck in Dover Red; Mixed Rib Open Cardigan in Honey; Knit Denim Straight-Leg Jeans in Dover Red.

The fourth set of four:

Boxy Shaker Pullover in Dover Red (temporarily out of stock); Pinwale Big Shirt in Honey; Mixed-Stitch Dolman Sweater in Dover Red; L.L. Bean Women's Original Perfect Fit Pants in Deepest Brown.

The complete chocolate, honey, and apple fall 4x4 wardrobe:


This collection is starting to make me hungry!  Yellow is not always a good color on me, especially when my summer tan starts to fade and my skin tone becomes a bit more sallow, but this amber/honey shade with its touch of brown suits me better than other yellow hues, so I think I could even wear it close to my face.  Next week I will continue this theme with accessories for the 4x4 wardrobe.

Autumn officially starts in just a few days, so have a happy autumn equinox, everyone!

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