Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wish List Wednesdays: Bits and Pieces Murder Mystery Story Puzzles

If you enjoy murder mysteries and jigsaw puzzles, then you will love the Murder Mystery Story Puzzles from Bits and Pieces.  The puzzles come as a set of two for $24.99 (you can also purchase each puzzle individually for $16.99), "Murder at the Museum" and "Murder at Bedford Manor".  The puzzles consist of 1,000 unique pieces.  For each jigsaw, you must read the enclosed mystery story, then piece together the puzzle and search for clues in the resulting image to solve the murder.  This set would be a great gift for the holidays, and could also provide entertainment for guests (especially those who are not interested in watching football!).  After the holidays, a challenging jigsaw puzzle is always a great way to while away a stormy winter day.  There is even an appropriately sized black metal frame ($29.99) available if you would like to keep your puzzle together once it is complete!

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