Thursday, November 19, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: A Passion for Paisley

Traditional paisley Persian rug
(from Houzz)

Even though my paternal grandmother was of Scottish descent, I have never been enthusiastic about plaid.  I do, however, have a relatively recent passion for paisley!  The distinctive twisted teardrop shape is of Iranian origin, but the print is named after the Scottish town of Paisley, a textile center where paisley patterns were produced during the 1800s.

Paisley ties from Paisley, Scotland
(from Wikipedia)

I am not normally especially interested in traditional interior design, but lately I seem to be drawn to more traditional décor done in paisley prints.  Upholstered seating options in paisley seem to be popular:

From Polyvore

From Overstock

From Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

From Wayfair

From Overstock

From Wayfair Supply

I think paisley home accents in seasonal colors would be perfect for the holidays:

(by MeredithRosePetal on Etsy)

(from Pottery Barn)

(from Bon' Cui)

Throw pillow
(by PillowDetails on Etsy)

(from Bonanza)

Afghan sofa throw
(from eBay)

Tree skirt
(by kdcurb on Etsy)

Pottery Barn seems to be an especially good source for paisley home décor.  I don't know if I am quite ready to change my current decorating style, but I did recently purchase some Christmas paisley napkins on Amazon for my holiday table, so maybe I am willing to add just a few traditional touches to my home for the season!

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