Thursday, April 30, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: America's Quirky Roadside Attractions

From World's Largest Things

When it comes to travel, I have some pretty unique ideas as to what constitutes a fun vacation.  While most people would choose a trip to the beach or lake, or perhaps to a more exotic location if time and/or finances allow, I would be happy as a clam (a Giant Clam of Pismo Beach, CA, that is) if I could take off on a road trip to visit some of the nation's most unusual roadside attractions.  In addition to the Giant Clam, here are just a few of the wonderfully bizarre sights I would seek out:


I might as well start as close to home as possible, so the Jimmy Carter Peanut in Plains, GA, is first on my list.  Really, who wouldn't want to be immortalized as a giant peanut with teeth?

From Flickriver

As I am presenting these roadside attractions in no particular order, we will now zoom quickly to Dunseith, ND, to visit the Wee'l Turtle, constructed of 2,000 old wheel rims.  So clever -- after all, what else are you going to do with 2,000 old wheel rims?

From Imagekind

I'll take any excuse to travel to New Mexico, so why not The World's Largest Pistachio in Alamagorda?  I do seem to be nuts for nuts, don't I?  Well, they are supposed to be good for you, although I won't be munching on these giant versions, obviously!

From Living the Dream Key West

Time to skedaddle back on down South for a look at Betsy, the giant spiny lobster in Islamorada, FL. While the Canadians claim that their lobster in New Brunswick is the world's largest, the two lobsters are different species (Betsy is Panulirus argus, while the Canadian contender is Homarus americanus), so the old girl can safely claim to be the largest of her kind.

From BootsnAll

Things are about to get nutty again as we head on up to Brunswick, MO, to take a look at the World's Largest Pecan, which was recently moved from down on the farm to become a city slicker in downtown Brunswick.  But wait!  In 2011, the town of Seguin, TX, took back the title of World's Largest Pecan by constructing a nut even larger than the one in Missouri, after their original version lost the title to Brunswick's giant pecan 30 years earlier.  So here we go to Texas to gaze upon their new pride and joy!

From Pecan Fest Heritage Days

I think I am becoming a bit travel weary, so since we are in Texas anyway, let's end our tour for now with a visit to the renowned Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, where colorfully painted junk Cadillacs are half-buried nose-first in the flat and barren ground for all eternity (or at least until they rust out).

From Senior Citizen Travel

I hope you've enjoyed traveling to see some of America's most unusual sights with me (does this gal know how to have a good time or what?).  We may have to do this again some time!

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