Thursday, November 14, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Joan Baez and Jerry Seinfeld

Joan Baez (from foGlobe) and Jerry Seinfeld (from AskMen)

There is absolutely no reason that Joan Baez and Jerry Seinfeld should be connected in this post, or elsewhere for that matter, except for the fact that sometimes my mind works in unexpected and bewildering ways.  Both of these performers happened to catch my attention at about the same time, so I thought I would mention them together.  That makes sense, right?

First up is Joan Baez.  I have a small collection of vinyl LPs and a player that still works, so once in a very great while I will play one for old time's sake.  I was actually looking for a rather obscure calypso album that I own, which just happened to be right next to the Joan Baez album, so I played and enjoyed both.  The calypso album is so obscure that I could not easily find any of the recordings on YouTube, but my favorite Joan Baez song was there.  It is called "Three Horses", and for anyone who is interested, have a listen:

Although Joan Baez was most popular just a little before my time (I was still a bit too young to appreciate her songs), when I was in college I found that I really enjoyed her work.  I only have one album of hers called "Blessed Are...", but it contains some of her very best songs, including my favorite.  "Three Horses" is such a hauntingly beautiful melody that showcases Joan's unique voice, and like most of her songs it contains a statement about life that really makes you think.  I may have mentioned before that I am not very musically inclined, but I do appreciate a few musicians, and Joan Baez is one of them.

About the same time I was reconnecting with my Joan Baez album, I came across a reference to a fascinating collection of Jerry Seinfeld videos on YouTube.  These short films, called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", each start out with Seinfeld in a vintage car, which he describes in detail.  He is always on his way to pick up someone in the comedy business, "spontaneously" inviting them out for a cup of coffee at an establishment he thinks they will like.  Once there, they order coffee and sometimes food, and proceed to chat randomly about various topics.  I'm not especially interested in cars and I don't like coffee, but I did find these films to be entertaining and worth watching.  Some of the segments are funnier than others, but all are interesting in their own way as you learn about these people from a new and different perspective.  Some of Jerry Seinfeld's guests include Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Don Rickles, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, and a whole host of others.  Below is the video of Seinfeld with David Letterman:

When you find yourself with a little spare time and nothing better to do, you might want to listen to some Joan Baez songs and watch Jerry Seinfeld's short films -- perhaps at Thanksgiving, if, like me, you are not a football fan and need to find a different form of entertainment.  And now you also know four things in which I have little or no interest -- music, cars, coffee, and football.  Unless, of course, they somehow involve Joan Baez or Jerry Seinfeld.  (I told you my mind can sometimes work in strange and unusual ways!)

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