Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Caramel Leather Weekender Bag

Our recent trip to Washington DC convinced me that I need to update my travel bags.  I have been using a backpack in addition to my rolling carry-on suitcase, which is functional but certainly not attractive.  I saw a woman at the airport who was carrying a chic leather bag that was attractive as a large purse and also roomy enough for all of the travel essentials that inevitably will not fit in the suitcase.  Her bag was similar to this Caramel Leather Weekender Bag from Floriana.  With two outside pockets, two inside pouches, adjustable side buckles, and both tote handles and a shoulder strap, this soft leather bag is perfect for travel.  At $179 it would be an investment, but I think I would get my money's worth very quickly.  Of course, there is also the Really Red Leather Handbag:

Slightly smaller than the weekender bag, but the same in every other way.  And that color (red is my favorite)!  It costs $10 more for some reason, maybe because of the color?

How do I choose?  The weekender bag is so practical, but the handbag is so stylish!  I'd better make a decision soon -- I have already decided that I am never carrying a backpack to the airport again, and I need an alternative now!

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