Saturday, April 20, 2013

On the Homefront: April Blooms

Carolina jessamine

After a very long and wet winter which just seemed to linger on and on, it finally feels like spring has arrived.  Even though we are a bit chilly this morning, plants are flowering in abundance now.  I took these photos last weekend -- some shrubs have since leafed out a little more, but the blooms are still abundant.

Carolina jessamine and Azalea




Wood hyacinths



The following photo is not of flowers, but I was happy to see that my pineapple mint has returned!  This is my favorite mint, but it can be a bit temperamental.  It is not happy unless light and moisture conditions are just right.  I have tried planting it in various areas around our yard and have not been successful.  I hope that I have finally found a spot where it will grow vigorously.

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