Thursday, April 11, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Dog Print Chairs

From The Inspired Room

When it comes to interior décor, I enjoy seeing a touch of whimsy -- my husband, not so much.  For his sake, I try to keep the more amusing aspects of design to a bare minimum in the main parts of the house (although anything goes when it comes to my office space, and hubby can simply stay out if he doesn't like the look).  A few Dalmatian items here and there, mostly in the kitchen, have to suffice for me.  But what would I do if my inner designer were unleashed to choose anything I wanted?  Well, for one thing, a delightfully different dog print chair or two would most likely follow me home!  Here are just a few available options:

Dachshund Red Thomas in Hound Armchair from John Lewis

Hot Digital Dog Print Chair from Red Hook Antique Center

Grey Copper Sausage Dog Chair from Jimmie Martin

Prestigious Dogs Armchair and Ottoman from eBay

While I would happily welcome any of these chairs into my abode, being the Dalmatian lover that I am, I think this one would be my number one choice:

Dalmatian Tub Chair from

Perhaps it's just as well that my husband puts a damper on my enthusiasm for oddball décor, or we could end up with a veritable pack of dog chairs inhabiting our home!

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