Thursday, January 31, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Pendant Lights in the Dining Room

From Veranda

As I mentioned in yesterday's Wish List Wednesdays post, I love the look of pendant lights in the dining room.  They are less fussy than chandeliers, but more interesting than recessed or flush mount ceiling fixtures.  Here are just a few examples of contemporary dining rooms with pendants that I find attractive:

From Lamps Plus

This clear glass globe pendant fits right in to this sleek and modern dining room but does not compete with the bold patterns and textures used in the space.

From Home Decor Gallery

The trio of yellow pendant lights used here pick up on the bright color of the accent wall, helping to spread the color around the dining room without overwhelming it.


The minimalist look of this space is maintained with the use of a single large, simple black pendant fixture.

Great lighting need not be expensive.  Simple paper lanterns add to the fun and relaxed atmosphere in this casual room when suspended as pendant lights above the dining table.

A rectangular hanging lamp mimics the sturdy, angular shape of the dining table and chairs in this clean-lined room.

From Clippings

This dining room is a total commitment to the color blue, and the translucent pendant light continues the theme.

From Lamps Beautiful

A simple globe pendant has been my favorite dining room fixture for years -- we have one in our current dining room.  But there are so many options available that I may just have to try something new.  My ecologist husband studies crustaceans, so he may consider this Lobster Pendant Lamp to be ideal for our dining room:

Now that's definitely something you don't see every day -- I have a feeling we would become the talk of the block with a dining room light fixture like this!

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