Thursday, January 24, 2013

This 'n That Thursdays: Not-My-Style Animal-Inspired Design

Animals as inspiration for interior design is a popular trend right now.  I have always been a big fan of animal-inspired design, but I have to admit that even I have my limits.  I tend to draw the line at anything that smacks of the scatalogical, or that involves body parts.  For instance, to me the humongous elephant head in the hotel dining room pictured above looks bizarre and even a little bit dangerous -- and it's a disembodied head!

While the Tiger Sofa below appears to be beautifully made, the configuration, with the overly realistic head, oddly shaped body, unusual feet, and a tail that seems out of place, is just unsettling:

The Tiger Sofa is odd, but this Toad Sofa is downright wrong -- I simply can't help wondering what happened to the front half of the toad:

Ditto for the Ostrich Wall Console -- where is the top half of the poor ostrich?

They may only be small accessories, but these headless flower vases are just not my cup of tea either:

Turning the heads into even more vases is not helping matters:

Using a bunny parts chair to transform humans into bunnies is misguided humor, in my opinion (and this is from a woman who still remembers when real rabbit's feet dyed in garish colors were used as key chains, supposedly for luck -- though not for the unfortunate rabbit):

Then there is the aptly named Bad Table, which pees on your dining room floor like a dog:

You can be sure this won't be happening in my home, and neither will the Dogs Salt and Pepper Shakers below, which also need to be housebroken:

These Pooping Dog Lamps are banned from my house as well, just as they were banned from a London art exhibition:

Okay, I have to admit they are pretty funny, but I absolutely refuse to step or press on dog poop, even fake stuff, to turn those lamps on and off!

Finally, since I began this post with an elephant head, it is only appropriate that I end with this:

I realize that children everywhere will find it hilarious, but if I were a parent, would I really want to watch my offspring slide out of an elephant's behind?  Luckily, this elephant slide is far too large to fit in the average house!

So, I will continue to enjoy animal-inspired design for the home, but with discrimination.  Although I have to admit to a sneaking admiration for Wyatt Little's Bird Poop Chandelier -- so much for good taste!

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