Thursday, November 10, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: My Favorite Color - Seeing Red!

From YafaRay

Red has been my favorite color for quite a long time.  As a child I loved blue, and during my undergraduate years yellow was my preference, but since then red has endured as my number one color choice.  My favorite cut flowers are red,

Red ginger (from Grow Hawaii)

as is my favorite flowering garden annual:

Red geranium

My favorite gemstone is the ruby (even though it is not my birthstone):


On the rare occasions when I need a stylish dress, I most often choose a red one like this:

DKNY red draped jersey dress (from STYLEBOP)

And on those same rare occasions my makeup of choice will of course include red lipstick and nail polish:

From Ask the Makeup Doctor

Naturally red is also my favorite color when it comes to interior design, like the room shown at the top of the page.  Here are just a few more examples of red rooms that I love:

Red living room (from Best Home Designs)

Red dining room (from Belle Maison)

Red bedroom (from Best Home Interior Design)

Many people do not care for red interiors as they find the color too overpowering, and I noticed that many of the red rooms on the internet are rather cold-looking (which is surprising since red is one of the warmest colors).  However, the photos I chose show that, when the color is used properly, red in a room can be very inviting and easy to live with.

The current red item on my wish list is this luxurious chaise longue:


I just love seeing red!

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