Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: Sesame Seed Grinder/Sesame Seed Toaster

From The Perfect Pantry

This sesame seed grinder, available from the Gourmet Sleuth Shop, is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  I find it to be more essential than a pepper grinder, since I am not a big fan of black pepper.  Grinding the seeds helps to release the oils, which is of course the most delicious part.  Use it to grind toasted sesame seeds over soups, salads, vegetables, pastas, meats, even desserts -- in my opinion, there are few foods that are not improved by the addition of sesame seeds!  I really enjoy them on tomatoes -- cut the tomatoes into chunks and sprinkle with coarse salt and ground sesame seeds.  Since I already own one, this sesame seed grinder is obviously no longer on my wish list, but I think everyone should have one, and at less than seven dollars it is certainly affordable!

One item that I do not have which sounds equally useful is the sesame seed toaster, also available from the Gourmet Sleuth Shop ($9.95):

Although you can buy sesame seeds already toasted, warm and freshly toasted sesame seeds would add even more flavor to a dish.  This is one item I may just have to get for myself!

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