Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: Lobster-Inspired Kitchen and Dining Room

 In honor of National Lobster Day, today I will finally complete the Crustacean Décor story I started weeks ago by describing my idea of the perfect lobster-inspired kitchen and dining room.  If I were a traditionalist, I would want to have a kitchen similar to this one:

From Hardin Tiles

I love all of the lobster tiles, and I would somehow work this lobster print wallpaper into the room, or maybe into an adjacent dining room:

From Go Home Urban Wallpaper

However, my preference is for a more contemporary look, so I would probably start with a kitchen similar to this one:


The red and white color scheme is a natural for lobster décor.  I would add a white tile backsplash behind the sink, with these tiles randomly interspersed:

From The Mind Gift Shop

This lobster tile mosaic would be perfect on the wall behind the cooktop:

Lobster accessories would include the following:

Napkin holder
from Stonewall Kitchen
Salt and pepper set

Lobster stockpot from
Dish towels
from Daytrip Society

The appropriate red and white dining room would look something like this:


For the perfect lobster table setting, these items would be ideal:

Lobster dinnerware
from Microwave Cooking for One
Lobster placemat
from Velocity Art and Design

Beverage glass
from Cottage by the Cove Decor
Wine glass
from Cottage by the Cove Decor

The final touch in the dining room would be this 40x66-inch lobster painting by Charlotte Nicolin:

Life with lobsters may not be for everyone, but I would be quite happy surrounded by this homage to Homarus americanus!

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