Thursday, October 8, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: Cozy Autumn Images

Pumpkin tortoise cozy!
(from Etsy)

What a wet and dreary week and a half we have just had!  Luckily the weather has cleared up and we are supposed to have lots of sunshine and mild temperatures for the next few days.  I love the golden sunlight of autumn, and the slow progression from the abundance of summer to the austerity of winter that defines this season.  Fall is a cozy and contemplative time of year for me, a pause between strenuous summer activities and hectic holiday celebrations (I choose to ignore football madness).  I have put together a collection of images that evoke this comfortable feeling, so take a look and bask in autumn coziness!

Warm and cozy autumn cottage
(from Architecture & Interior Design)

Frothy specialty lattes and leaves
(from Best Events)

Fall in the garden
(from QuotesGram)

Warm plaid blanket and beverage on an outdoor bench
(from Vignette Design)

A plethora of pumpkins
(from Decoist)

A snug pup dozing by the fireplace
(from The Inspired Room)

Neat piles of warm sweaters
(from We Heart It)

Tea and biscuits
(from imgfave)

Thick warm socks
(from TripAdvisor)

Layers of warm and cozy bedding in fall colors
(from HomeSpiration)

Hot chocolate on the hearth
(from Indulgy)

Hearty comfort foods
(from Betty Crocker)

Contented cat gazing into a roaring fire
(from Design Indulgences)

Sometimes I wish fall could last forever!          

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