Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Terrifying Tuesdays: M. R. James' "Rats"

Scene from "Rats by M. R. James" (2011)
(from YouTube)

I love a good ghost story, especially one involving a haunted dwelling.  This month I thought I would link to some haunted house short stories every week just for Halloween.  My favorite ghost story author is M. R. James, so this week I have selected one of his tales called "Rats", a rather odd title choice since there are no rats involved!  Set in a haunted old inn, this story is a bit different from most of James' works, which tend to take place in more scholarly surroundings.  The ghost story is a simple one and not quite as dark as many of James' tales, but the ghost is unusual and makes this tale unique.  You can read it here, or listen to an audio version on YouTube here.  There is also a short film adaptation of the story (with some minor changes from the original) on Vimeo:

So watch if you dare, for a really good scare!

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