Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Terrifying Tuesdays: M. R. James' "The Haunted Dolls' House"

From The Moon Lens

I am such a fan of the ghost stories by M. R. James that I am linking to another one this week for my month of haunted house short stories.  Today's tale is entitled "The Haunted Dolls' House", and is a rather frightening little account of an antique collector's encounter with supernatural events when he purchases a splendid old dolls' house.  I have read several tales about sinister supernatural dolls (including "The Doll's Ghost" by F. Marion Crawford, "The Doll" by Algernon Blackwood, and "The Dressmaker's Doll" by Agatha Christie), but this is the only one I have found that involves a doll's house.  You can read the story here, or listen to an audio version here.  There is also a short film (a slightly modified version of the original story) by the same filmmaker who produced last week's video, on Vimeo and YouTube.

If you like special effects, the film is particularly worth watching for the creepy little occupants of the haunted dolls' house.  Have a scary good time watching this one!

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