Thursday, February 5, 2015

This 'n That Thursdays: "The Librarians" Television Series

Cast from left to right: Lindy Booth (Cassandra Cillian); Christian Kane
(Jacob Stone); Rebecca  Romjin (Eve Baird); John Larroquette (Jenkins);
John Kim (Ezekiel Jones).
(From TNT)

I rarely watch television series on a regular basis these days, as I find it difficult to watch any show consistently every week.  One exception lately for me, though, is a new series on TNT called "The Librarians".  Based on three TV movies of similar name, the one-hour show continues where the movies leave off, transitioning from some of the original movie characters to a new cast of a younger generation.  In the first TV movie, a young man named Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), extremely intelligent and well educated but with no goals for the future, receives an unusual invitation to apply for the job of Librarian at the Metropolitan Public Library.  Intrigued, he decides to go for an interview, and rather to his surprise ends up with the job.  However, this particular librarian position is anything but typical, and he soon finds himself pursuing the adventures of a lifetime.  Suffice it to say that magic is involved in all of these adventures, and the TV series continues this theme.

Noah Wyle returns for special appearances in the new series, as do the always wonderful Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin.  New cast members include Rebecca Romjin as the new Guardian for the Librarians, and three young recruits played by Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Kim.  John Larroquette rounds out the cast as Jenkins, a Library Annex caretaker forced to reluctantly take the new recruits under his wing.  Special appearances by Matt Frewer as the evil Dulaque, leader of the Serpent Brotherhood and nemesis to all Librarians, add the necessary touch of menace to the show.

You can watch all episodes of Season One here.  Here's hoping that the series is picked up for Season Two!

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