Thursday, May 8, 2014

This 'n That Thursdays: Food + Animals = Fun!

From The Disgruntled Individual

I love food and I love animals, so to me it is not surprising that when you combine the two you get double the fun!  And there are many ways to bring these two subjects together.  One way is to create animal-shaped food -- just take a look at these amusing (and mouthwatering!) treats:

Panda-shaped sushi

Penguin-shaped appetizers

Ladybug hors d'oeuvres

Cream puffins

Hedgehog cookies

Deviled egg chicks

Images of adorable animals eating food abound, and here are just a few fun examples:

Cats sharing ice cream

Baby turtle attacking a strawberry

Hamster tackling a bell pepper

Lemur loves watermelon!

Tortoise and puppy sharing broccoli

Dog eating spaghetti (or vice versa?)

Animals as food?  Okay, now these images are just plain disturbing, but somehow you can't stop looking, can you?

Puppy burrito

Turtle burger

Pug bread

Perhaps funniest of all are the YouTube videos of animals interacting with food:

Here is one of the most recent "food plus animal" videos, which is what got me started on this subject in the first place:

Seriously, does it get much cuter or funnier than this?  Happy Be Kind to Animals Week, everyone!

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