Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Passion for Prints 4x4 Casual Work Wardrobe

From TripAdvisor

I have a fondness for print tops paired with solid-colored bottoms (always pants in my case) so I thought I would put together a 4x4 wardrobe based on this idea.  I decided to give this collection of apparel a specific purpose, namely a casual work wardrobe for someone who loves nature as well as travel, and either works for or volunteers at a place where she must wear clothing a bit more formal than jeans and casual t-shirts.  I envision her in a position which involves leading tours at a local museum or even a nature center with no official uniform, where she is allowed to wear whatever she wants within certain minimal guidelines.  Since this woman has a passion for prints, she gets to express her individuality in the tops she chooses to wear for her job.  And although the tops are multicolored prints, they all coordinate well with the four colors the woman has chosen for her pants and skirts:

Let's take a look at the first set of four, which includes tops that highlight this woman's love of travel and nature:

Clockwise from top left: Boden The Classic Shirt in Ivory Beach; Boden Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan in Black; Boden Lightweight Printed Crew Neck Tee in Blues Swallow Swoop; Fair Indigo Slim Leg Fair Trade Organic Knit Pant in Black. 

The second set of four brings in the slate blue color as well as a basic white tee shirt:

Clockwise from top left: Boden Make-A-Statement Tee in London Conversational; Wolf & Badger Bashaques Forest Watch Shirt; H&M Women's Cotton T-Shirt in White; Fair Indigo Slim Leg Fair Trade Organic Knit Pant in Dark Ocean.

The next set of four adds a skirt, plus another cardigan in a lighter shade of blue:

Clockwise from top left: Wolf & Badger Violet & Wren Pyjama Shirt in Havana; Boden Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan in Delph Blue; Boden Ravello Top in Regatta Conversational; Fair Indigo Fair Trade Organic Full Skirt in Black.

The final set of four adds another skirt, this time in a caramel color, plus one more basic white shirt:

Clockwise from top left: Wolf & Badger My Pair of Jeans Monkey Printed Shirt; H&M V-Neck Blouse in White; Boden Pleat Front Top in Pewter Mosaic Floral Vine; Fair Indigo Organic Fair Trade Knit Pencil Skirt in Caramel.

And here is the complete 4x4 wardrobe:


All of these fun print shirts just make me happy!  I will try to put together an accessories post for this wardrobe in the near future, hopefully for next weekend if I have the time.  My sister will be able to do more on her own starting tomorrow, so who knows, I may be able to start posting on my blog more frequently!

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