Friday, August 28, 2015

Foodie Fridays: Golden Raspberries and Black Mission Figs in Cream

This is not much of a recipe, but the combination of flavorful fruits is a rare summer indulgence only possible for a short time during this bountiful season.  I adore fresh figs, especially the black mission variety.  I am not as much of a raspberry fan, but the golden ones are a little less acidic, and complement the flavor of the figs nicely.  Add a bit of turbinado sugar and an embarrassing amount of cream, and a blissful summer dessert can be yours!

Golden Raspberries and Black Mission Figs in Cream

10 black mission figs, quartered
3 oz. golden raspberries (half of a 6-oz. container)
2 tsp. turbinado sugar
2-4 T. light cream*

Place the quartered figs in a large shallow bowl.  Scatter the raspberries on top.  Sprinkle on the sugar and gently pour the cream over.  Grab a spoon and indulge!  Serves 1-2.

*If you find yourself a bit leery about using so much cream, try using one of the nut-based milks instead.  I've seen almond, coconut, a coconut-almond blend, and even cashew, and I think any one would be a great choice.

(Realistically, this recipe should probably serve 2, but my husband dislikes figs, so I get the entire dish all to my unabashedly greedy self!)

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