Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On the Homefront: A Most Amazing Plant

Would you believe that the lovely flowering plant above actually survived the extremely cold winter we just had and is now flowering profusely?  This is especially amazing because the plant is a Calibrachoa, or million bells, which is supposed to be an annual, and spent the winter in a hanging pot, where a lesser plant would have succumbed to root freeze!  Just look at these gorgeous flowers:

Despite the cold, all of the rain we had over the winter and spring seems to have been good for our plants.  Look at all of the (slightly out of focus) blueberries on the very first bush I ever planted:

All of our other blueberry bushes also have lots of berries, although not so many as this one.  And our Japanese painted fern, which never put in an appearance last summer, has come back better than ever this year:

So far the only sad news is the loss of one of our Japanese maple trees to a late spring frost.  Most of the others suffered some damage, but are surviving and trying to grow new side branches.  I have been inspired to put in some new plants and do a lot of tidying up in the garden.  Hopefully I can keep it up and give our yard a more attractive look!

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