Thursday, June 12, 2014

This 'n That Thursdays: Artful Home Catalog

I love looking at mail-order catalogs.  I am sure the person who delivers our mail would prefer it if I received a lot fewer catalogs, but unfortunately viewing items online just can't compare to looking at the tempting images in a real catalog.  I admit that some of the catalogs I receive and love are not likely to get many, if any, orders from me because they are just too darned pricey, but I always browse them anyway.  One such catalog is Artful Home, which is full of home décor lovingly designed and created by artists.  If I had limitless funds my home would be filled with beautiful pieces from this catalog, and I would be quite happy to support all of the talented artists.  Alas, this is not something I can afford to do, but who knows, maybe some day I will feel the urge to splurge on at least one of the unique items from Artful Home!  Here are some of my personal preferences:

Wouldn't this Red Sockeye Salmon Sink by Mark Ditzler
 add a whimsical surprise to a powder room?

The Bird Table by Emi Ozawa is so clever with its folding wings!

"All the Colors at Once" Wood Console Table by
Wendy Grossman - the name says it all.

I love the simple and unique design of the Stepped Console
by Todd Leback, and I also love the fact that the beautiful
wood is left in its natural color.

The vibrant colors of the Blue Norther Wool Rug
by Meg Little appeal to me.

Believe it or not, this scallion is actually a Coat Rack
by David N. Ebner!

The mesmerizing Koi Shimmer Fiber Wall Art by
Tim Harding had me fooled - I thought it was an
oil painting!

This one-of-a-kind design is the Wanda Pendulum Clock
by Leonie Lacouette.

I would love to have the Prism-Colored Garden Table Centerpiece
by art glass sculptor Scott Johnson gracing my dining room table.

Flamingos on Firefly Silk Pillow by Laura Goldstein
defies the traditional pink usually associated with this bird,
which I find refreshing!

I do own some lovely pottery available from Artful Home, although I did not purchase these items from them.  Decades ago I found the Dragon Red Tea Set and the Multicolored Sake Set by Judith Weber in Fort Collins, CO, when we lived near there, which is where I bought them (I have also seen the tea sets in Teavana stores):

In an ideal world I would live in an artful home, full of fun and colorful original art.  However, in the real world I will just continue to browse the Artful Home catalog and dream!


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