Monday, April 25, 2011

Mystery Mondays: Blaize Clement's Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series

If you are looking for well-written mysteries with an animal theme set in a beautiful coastal locale, then Blaize Clement's Dixie Hemingway mystery series is for you!  Dixie Hemingway is a former Florida sheriff's deputy whose life is shattered by senseless tragedy.  As she slowly recovers, she finds a new job as a professional pet sitter on Sarasota's Siesta Key, an eight-mile barrier island just off of Florida's west coast.  Her work keeps her busy, and she is happy taking care of other people's pets. Then she encounters a murder in the home of one of her clients, and, ready or not, she is drawn back in to the world of crime-solving.  Of course, once she solves the first murder, it is inevitable that homicides will continue to dog her every step!  Fortunately, the handsome Lieutenant Guidry is also there to investigate each crime, and she can always count on her brother and his partner to back her up.  An added bonus is the gorgeous waterfront setting, which the author describes in loving detail.  Dixie Hemingway is an appealing heroine, her animal clients are always wonderful to get to know, and Blaize Clement is a skilled writer who has the ability to draw you into Dixie's world and make you wish you could stay (check out her blog site too!).  There are six novels in the series so far, and all would make great beach reading this summer!

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