Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: The Perfect Home Library

From analogdialog

This home library could not be more perfect.  The room is all about the books -- I get a little tired of that designer trick of removing most of the volumes from bookshelves, arranging the remainder in odd stacks, and filling the empty spaces with decorative non-book items.  Only books belong on bookshelves, and preferably in some recognizable order so I can find the volume I am seeking easily!  Plus there is a second story in this library filled with even more books -- genius!  The huge window with sunlight streaming in is an added bonus.  Then there is the comfortable reading chair, with reading lamp and small table for books and perhaps a beverage to be consumed slowly while reading -- ideal!  And last but certainly not least, the spiral staircase.  I am a huge fan of spiral staircases.  I have always wanted one in a home, but have not yet had the pleasure.  The only thing missing as far as I am concerned is a fireplace, but there may be one in the area that we cannot see (I will pretend that this is the case, anyway!).  I am determined that my next home will have a room just like this -- and then I will never move again!

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  1. Agreed! When I build my home my library will look very much like this.