Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: Shark Bite Staple Remover/Acrylic Desk Chair

From Papier Plume

Many moons ago, I posted a Wish List Wednesdays comment describing a pewter crocodile stapler and a glass desk.  I loved the sleek and simple look, as well as the rather cockeyed sense of humor these objects would bring to a home office.  Since February is often a frantic and rather cluttered month for me, with many family birthdays and Valentine's Day occurring too close together, my desire for a quiet and minimalist office retreat has returned.  All of the loving family feeling, sugary sweet treats, and cutesy Valentine's Day hearts and flowers can be overwhelming after a while.   The colorless clean lines of that desk and the cool predatory shimmer of the reptilian stapler are the perfect antidote to my overly colorful, saccharine sweet month.  Also, a couple more items ideal for this calm and pristine imaginary space have caught my eye.

To continue the cold-blooded theme of the crocodile stapler, how about a shiny Shark Bite Staple Remover like the one shown above?  These two desktop accessories would be the perfect predator pair!  And to complement that glass desk, what could be better than a streamlined clear Acrylic Desk Chair:

From Ruby Beets (oh, how I adore that name!)

I love the simple curved lines of this chair, plus it is adjustable and on wheels like a proper desk chair should be -- I want it!

The look of my hypothetical home office may not be for everyone, but just try spending your February overfilled with birthday cake, too many chocolates, excessive emotions, and just way too much of everything, and see if you don't end up longing for a retreat that is devoid of all except the barest, though quirkily attractive, necessities!  Now excuse me while I go mail off yet another humorously silly birthday card (aaagh!).

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